Product Pricing & Editions

Acumatica Pricing

Acumatica features modern consumption-based pricing designed to accommodate small businesses with plans to grow as well as enterprise customers. Key highlights include:

  • Subscription based (most common) or traditional license options
  • Includes unlimited users (except small business edition) so clients can involve everybody—including external users
  • Pay for modules that you need to minimize costs
  • Purchase vertically oriented bundles for field services, commerce, and manufacturing

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Subscription Licenses: SaaS and Private Cloud Subscription (PCS)

What is included in Acumatica SaaS?

With Acumatica SaaS, you can access your ERP solution from anywhere, pay as you go, and scale resources up or down based on growth or changing business needs. Free yourself from the complexities and costs of managing hardware and maintaining software. Acumatica is designed to deliver the highest levels of security, availability, and performance. The following are included with Acumatica SaaS, at no additional cost:

  • Software updates
  • Guaranteed 99.5% uptime in our Service Level Agreement
  • Automated data backup and Multi-zone disaster recovery
  • SQL Server and media storage (varies by edition; additional storage can be purchased)

What type of license are you considering?

Acumatica offers several options for software licensing:

  • SaaS Subscription – Pay an annual subscription fee based on our Acumatica ERP pricing. Your Acumatica installation and maintenance responsibilities will be handled by an experienced, full-time IT organization such as Amazon Web Services (our most popular option).
  • Private Cloud Subscription – Acumatica also offers a private cloud option where you pay an annual fee and can deploy on premises or at your preferred hosting provider.
  • Private Perpetual License – Pay a one-time cost for the perpetual license up front along with a recurring annual maintenance fee and deploy the software on premises or at your preferred hosting provider.

Product Editions

  Small Business Edition Advanced Edition Enterprise Edition
Application Functionality
Advanced Financials
Advanced Distribution + +
Business Process Monitoring & Automation
Customer Management Suite + +
Customer Portals +
Project Accounting +
Fixed Assets + + +
Inter-Company Accounting +
Deferred Revenue and Contracts +
Infinity Payroll (up to 10 W2s) +
Standard Payroll (up to 25 W2s)
Advanced Payroll (25 and +100 W2 packs) + +
Exchange Integration +
Entities 1 10 20
Additional entities (10 pack) + +
Resource Level Included
Transaction Volume/Load Small
≈5 or less named users
optionally upgrade to 10 named users;
≈25 concurrent users
< ~100 Transactions* per hour
≈200 concurrent users
< ~400 Transactions* per hour
Transactional Storage 5 GB 10 GB 20 GB
Media Storage 10 GB 10 GB 20 GB
Additional Storage and Cores + +
Resource Level Upgrades + +
SaaS Services
3-month sandbox with every major upgrade
Anytime access to 7-day rolling backups
* – A transaction constitutes getting a complete cycle of getting a sale and a purchase completed from start to finish through the system including related payment processing.
Included ✔  Optional +